The weekend of Sept 23 & 24 we where proud to be a participant at the New York City Maker Faire. Personally this was possibly one of the coolest events I have been to and am looking forward to next years. Started in 2006 Maker Faire is part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new. Primarily designed to be a forward looking showcase featuring new technologies and innovations across a broad spectrum of science, engineering, DIY and art. We where selected from a large field of applicants for our two products which when used with an ordinary ladder creates a new an unique tool and makes the use of a ladder safer. Our 8 x 8 booth attracted hundreds of curious visitors.

About 3 years ago, I created a product called Ladder Morph.  After renting numerous 16-ft A-Frame ladders at home supply stores, I wondered if I could use the multiple extension ladders I already owned in lieu of an A-Frame. Each trip wasted time traveling back/forth from job sites, waiting in line, etc. Since we were limited with storage space, purchasing a large A-Frame was also not an answer. I already owned multiple extension ladders, there had to be a way to create a portable adjustable A-Frame??    With that thought and a desire to prove myself correct the Ladder Morph was ultimately created. 
Since the creation of the Ladder Morph, I realized there was also a need for easy to use, portable side stabilizers to increase the stability of the extension ladders.  After researching to find one to complement my Ladder Morph, I was shocked to see there were none available in the marketplace, so I decided to create one!  And the Side Stabilizers were born with 2 sizes. These are ideal for contractors, DIY-homeowners, boat owners, electricians, roofers, gutter cleaners, landscapers and more.  They can also be used without the Ladder Morph.

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An add-on to any extension ladder. With telescoping legs that triples the size of the ladder base making its use much safer.

Since these products are reasonably self explanatory, the descriptions below will be brief by design but should give you an understanding of how each product works.

Ladder Morph - Built from galvanized steel and common size nuts, bolts and wing nuts. The Ladder Morph bracket cradles the top rungs of 2 extension ladders using each other and the Ladder Morph bracket for support and stability. The 4 fly rails from the 2 ladders are cradled in a channel with retainer plates using multiple wing nuts.  The 2 extension ladders are attached on the ground then stood up and finally adjusted to the size required. We recommend the ladders are not extended over 18 feet which will allow an average size person to work safely on a 20 foot ceiling.  The Ladder Morph is patent pending and has been engineer tested for up to 900 lbs. (ladder support will differ per company see their manufacturer details)


The Ladder Morph with 2 extension ladders can safely perform all of the above tasks without rsiking life and limb


A bracket that attaches two extension ladders at their peaks creating an adjustable A-Frame ladder.


Side Stabilizers - Built from aluminum tubing this tool attaches to the side of an extension ladder and triples the size of the base of a ladder making it safer to use. The main piece of C portion slides into the bottom rung and and 3rd form bottom rung holes on the side of the base rail. The C requires some slight pressure to slide into the hole up to the insertion line. When fully inserted the leg is extended down to the surface and locked into place with a simple compression lock. There is a 25 second video below which explains the installation process.